Jules Lister

Photography and filmmaking for the arts and cultural sector

Photographer and filmmaker specialising in exhibition documentation, live art performances, events, portraits and product photography.


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Epic Domestic —

Bobby Baker

The Tetley

Light Organ

Leeds Art Gallery

New Gestures

Site Gallery

Aggregate Live Programme

Freelands Foundation

Paper Sculptures —

Andy Singleton

The Hepworth

Leeds Eastside - What If? —

Alex De Little and Hannah Beard

Recording Performance —

James Thompson

Leeds Art Gallery

to swim inside soft bones —

Tora Hed

Open Source Arts

Return —

Akeelah Bertram

Recording Performance (negative) —

James Thompson

Leeds Town Hall

New Contemporaries Opening

Leeds Art Gallery

PIP10: Return [Phase 1] —

Akeelah Bertram


PIP9: Content Mask Container —

Karanjit Panesar

Henry Moore Institute

PIP8: Double 6 —

Ashley Holmes and R.I.P. Germain

Leeds Town Hall

PIP7: Collision Grounds —

Joanne Armitage and Anya Stewart-Maggs

Assembly House

Ways of Listening 2

East Street Arts

Love Lane —

Nicola Singh

The Art House

Cut the Mustard performances

University of Leeds

Ways of Listening

Hyde Park Book Club

Poor Image Projects 3

University of Leeds

Lady Vendredi

Site Gallery

The Deceptive Gift —

Amelia Beavis-Harrison

CMC Playground 2017

Cantor Gallery


Site Gallery

Words Are Not Signs, They Are Years —

Rory Pilgrim

Site Gallery